Cops: Guyger Witness's Murder Was Drug Deal Gone WrongOctober 8, 2019 11:00pm

Police have identified three suspects in the murder of Joshua Brown, who testified for the prosecution in the murder trial of former Dallas cop Amber Guyger. One of the three has already been arrested.

Authorities say Jacquerious Mitchell, 20; Michael Mitchell, 32; and Thaddeous Green, 22, traveled from Louisiana to Dallas to buy drugs from Brown, and that during the deal, a conversation between Green and Brown turned into an argument and Green shot Brown twice in his apartment parking lot.

Jacquerious Mitchell is in custody, and police are still seeking the other two suspects, NBC News reports.

Brown, who was a neighbor of Botham Jean when Guyger killed him after mistaking his apartment for her own, was killed within days of Guyger's conviction and sentencing to 10 years in prison.

That led many to speculate his slaying was somehow connected to his role in the case, and community leaders have been pressing for an independent investigation into his death, the Dallas News reports.

But, per CBS News, authorities emphasized Tuesday that his murder had nothing to do with Guyger's trial. Not everyone was convinced: Activist Shaun King called the Dallas PD's announcement "perhaps the most outrageous story I've heard in my entire life," and Lee Merritt, the lawyer for both the Jean and Brown families, was calling on Twitter for the Dallas PD to recuse itself and another agency to take the lead on the investigation.

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