Sarah Palin Really Wants You to Drink This 'Skinny Tea'April 23, 2018 5:37pm

Move over, Beyonce and Dwayne Johnson: There's apparently a new Instagram influencer in town. That would be Sarah Palin, per CNN, who only showed up on the social media platform in October, yet already has more than 26,000 followers and has now taken to promoting a "skinny" beverage.

In the post from last Thursday, Palin shows a picture of herself holding a jug of Teami brand tea, which she says was recommended to her by her daughter Bristol, and offers a 15% discount for those interested if they use the code "PALIN" upon purchase.

A rep for the company notes that Palin "has been a customer of our brand since 2016. … We are very lucky that she chose to share her Teami experience with her audience." However, CNN notes FTC requirements about being a social media influencer to ensure there's full disclosure about the influencers' relationship to the brands they're promoting: Although CNN estimates that, based on her follower count, Palin could have been paid around $250 for her post, it's not clear whether she was actually paid for it, as she didn't use the hashtags one typically uses on sponsored posts (e.g., #spon, #ad, or #sponsored).

Neither the Teami rep nor Palin responded to CNN's query about payment.

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