Middle East Countries May Have Helped Trump Win ElectionMay 19, 2018 9:15pm

Seems Donald Trump Jr. had another meeting with foreigners during the election that Robert Mueller's team is investigating, the New York Times reports. According to insiders, Trump Jr.

met with a small group at Trump Tower in August 2016: an envoy for two Arab princes, an Israeli expert in social media manipulation, and the founder of the private military contractor Blackwater.

The envoy, George Nader, apparently said the crown princes of United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia were intent on helping his father become president. The social media whiz, Joel Zamel, said his firm could give a political candidate the edge.

In fact, his firm had already written a proposal to give Donald Trump just that.

Trump Jr. "responded approvingly," the Times says, but it's unclear if the Zamel plan was ever executed.

As for Nader, he allied with the Trump campaign and met regularly with Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner. After Trump's election win, Nader paid Zamel up to $2 million, possibly for a pro-Trump media campaign.

Blackwater founder Erik Prince arranged the meeting, and could be in trouble after telling a House intelligence committee last November, under oath, that he'd never formally met with the Trump campaign, Mother Jones reports.

Now Mueller is investigating the 2016 meeting and its ramifications, including possible support from Russia. The Wall Street Journal already reported last month that Mueller's team was questioning Zamel about the activities of his Israeli firm, Wikistrat.

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